My Story


I am a Certified Nutritionist and Nutrition Educator. I have a Cornell University education in Nutrition & Healthy Living and Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition. I am a Behavior Change Specialist through the National Association of Sports Medicine and a Certified Instructor of the Food Over Medicine Course highlighted in the film "Forks Over Knives".  In addition, I am a Certified Personal Trainer.


These skills enable me to provide practical strategies that are science and evidence based for those who are looking to transition to a healthier way of living and eating by formulating Nutrition Plans and customized meal plans, Lifestyle programs, and by providing the necessary tools and support for you to  transition to a healthier diet and to even a whole food plant based diet. 

​Doctors, the media, and the general public are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of plant-based eating, but there is a lot of confusing information on-line and in the media.  Are supplements good for you or bad for you? How much protein is enough?  I can explain the “Why” and teach you “How” to incorporate healthier whole foods and plant-based eating into your day to day life.  You will get step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the grocery store, how to stock your pantry, how to decipher food labels, and how to prepare quick and easy plant-based meals for you, your friends and your family.

​When I am not railing against the standard American diet, I can be found either at the gym or binge-watching Netflix.  I can proudly say that I have never force-fed Kale to least not recently.


My Mission

To provide information and personalized nutrition plans combined with kind guidance and ongoing support, which results in life changing weight loss and improved health.

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