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Why Do You Need A Certified Nutritionist?

  • To Educate you

  • To Guide you

  • To Support you

  • To Provide strategies for healthy eating, and meal plans with snack and recipe ideas

  • To help you get through rough patches in order to bolster your resolve 

Remember when you were little and in school and going out into the school yard or on a school trip? The teacher told you to pick a ‘buddy’ for the “buddy system”.  You were told that you needed to always know where your ‘buddy is’ and that your ‘buddy’ had to know where you were.  You understood that you were responsible for that buddy and that he/she was responsible for you.  You weren’t buddy’d up for the whole school year, but just for that limited purpose during that limited time.


Imagine having that kind of a “buddy” in your weight loss journey and in your quest for better health. Someone who feels responsible for you and has a personal investment in helping you achieve your goals, whether it be weight loss, eliminating your type 2 diabetes (or helping to reduce your reliance on insulin), lowering your blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.


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