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What Is The Plan?

Feeling frustrated and not meeting your health and weight-loss goals?

I can get you back on track!

At YOUR pace   Meeting YOUR needs     Helping you to reach YOUR Goals

Disease Prevention Starts With Nutrition and Behavior Change

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One-on-One Nutrition Counseling

  • A Total Nutrition Program created for you with your lifestyle in mind
  • Behavior Modification Techniques to enable and develop healthy food habits 
Kick start your life, lose weight, and regain and maintain your health, starting today!

"Nutrition is coming to the fore as a major modifiable determinant of chronic disease, with scientific evidence increasingly supporting the view that alterations in diet have strong effects, both positive and negative, on health throughout life."                                                                                                                           World Health Organization

My Purpose And My Passion Is To Empower People

​Do you want to know:
How to use diet and nutrition to optimize longevity, facilitate weight control and maximize general health?​
How to transition from a diet that promotes disease to a diet that prevents disease?​
How to prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease through whole food plant-based nutrition? 
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