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Employee Wellness


  • 3 hr
  • $1500 (per group)

Service Description

Minimum 5 Participants - 2 day course (1.5 hours/day) In this introductory course tailored to your employees, they will discover how to transition from a diet that promotes disease to a diet that prevents disease. Stress eating, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes take a very human toll on the work force. In this course your employees will discover how to halt the spread of obesity, diabetes and cardiac disease through plant-based nutrition. Doctors, the media, and the general public are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of plant-based eating, but how does one begin? Are supplements good for you or bad for you? How much protein is enough? Your employees will understand the benefits of maintaining health and weight management, as well as disease prevention. They will learn the “Why” and the “How” to easily incorporate plant-based eating into their lifestyle: Step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the grocery store How to decipher food labels How to prepare quick and easy plant-based meals. This course will simplify the process for your employees so that they can immediately start to reap the benefits of filling and nutritious plant-based meals, learn how to prevent disease, and maintain good health.

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