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The food you eat impacts your health and can create risks for several diseases. To achieve your goal of improved health, you need to create new habits of making better food choices….and start making some changes now. A good start is by making some changes in your environment that include your home and your work. You will eat what’s available: If you have healthier options on hand, you will eat meals from those options. Conversely, if you have unhealthy options on hand, you will eat meals from those options and cause risks to your health.

It's easy! You don’t have to make big changes! Aim for small goals and gradually make additional changes as you go. In time, these small changes can make a huge difference in your health.

Remember, the Grand Canyon was made with one drop of water at a time!


● Increase fruit intake, vegetables, and whole grains. Focus on adding more healthy foods to your existing diet, as opposed to completely changing your diet suddenly.

● Try to eat with friends or family. This will encourage you to eat healthy meals.

● Cook for yourself and limit fast food. Watch videos on how to prepare healthy recipes or buy a recipe book.

● Prepare plant based snacks for work and at home. Preparation is key: It gives you more control over what you eat.

● Never skip meals and snack on fresh veggies and fresh fruit. Remember: If you are depriving yourself and are constantly feeling hungry, you will tend to eat more and make some unhealthy food choices.

● Try to slowwwww down….Enjoy your meals and don’t eat too fast. Keep in mind that healthy eating is a pleasure, and not something to rush through. ● Increase water intake and eliminate sugary drinks.

Learn how to take these steps to improve your diet and your health, by contacting me to help you achieve your diet, health and lifestyle goals. Feel free to call me. Our team at Live Your Life Nutrition will guide you in making the right nutritional choices to help you look and feel your best. Contact us today for more information!

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