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Meal Prep Tips to Make Healthy Eating Easy

One of the biggest obstacles we face in making nutritious food choices is finding enough time. Busy schedules can get in the way of shopping, preparing and sitting down for the meals our bodies deserve. Instead we find ourselves reaching for convenient options that don’t prioritize health. Incorporating meal preparation into your weekly routine can simultaneously save you time (and money!) while ensuring you’re making the best choices for your body. By meal prepping, you’ll find yourself less stressed, more in control of portion size and with a vast array of healthy options ready to go in your refrigerator.

Tip 1: Know How to Freeze Your Food

Freezing your food properly ensures that it maintains maximum flavor and nutritional value. Allow food to cool to room temperature once it's done cooking, then freeze it immediately to prevent unwanted bacteria growth. Make sure you use an air tight container to freeze your meals to prevent the dreaded freezer burn. Portion out the food you’re freezing into the amount that will be served at one meal, whether it’s an individual serving or dinner for the whole family.

Tip 2: Mix and Match Meals

Batch cooking a variety of recipes at once means you’ll be able to put together different meals using the same foods. Cooking two grains, three proteins and four vegetables can result in 24 different meal combinations. With just a few components, you’re getting tons of a variety to keep meal prep monotony at bay.

Tip 3: Your Food Processor is Your Friend

Employ the help of your trusty food processor to bear the brunt of some of your prep work. This basic kitchen appliance can be a lifesaver when you’re chopping tons of vegetables at once. Don’t let a sore wrist or tedious time at the chopping board be the thing that stops you from achieving a healthier lifestyle; there are many affordable food processors on the market and they’re worth the investment.

Meal prepping can improve your relationship with food, as it encourages you to think carefully about what you’re eating beforehand. Make meal prepping fun by exploring new recipes and spending time in the kitchen with loved ones. Meal prep can be a journey in self-care and our team at Live Your Life Nutrition is here to guide you.

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