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Nutrition For Weight Loss

Are you frustrated with your weight? Are you constantly fighting to lose the same 5, 10, 20+ pounds?

I always had a “weight problem” (hint: that means I was always chubby a/k/a ‘fat’) I tried every diet out there from strict calorie restriction to all protein, to no protein, to eating only grapefruits, to drinking some lemonade and hot pepper concoction (well, everyone was doing it and the “internet” said it worked, so…..) I would lose 5-10-20 pounds, but I was unable to sustain that weight loss. What I learned was that NONE of those diets are sustainable over the long term. As soon as I would revert to eating my regular diet, the pounds would start to pack back on. Sometimes I’d wind up gaining more weight than I lost! It was sooooo frustrating and, of course, I thought that it was me, that I was the problem, that I was ‘broken’. That’s why I kept looking for the diet that would ‘fix’ me. I then thought that maybe I wasn’t exercising enough so I started to exercise twice a day (!). We’re always told that if we consume fewer calories and/or expend more calories (by exercising and being more active) then we will lose weight. That it’s just simple math: Fewer calories in and greater calories out should cause weight loss. Right? Wrong. Wrongola. Wrongaroo.

Nutrition is way more complicated than that. It’s a science and it’s not to be found in fad diets on the internet or through celebrity recommendations or trendy diet books. It’s not even to be found on prepaid ‘meal plans’. It was in my search to help myself that I began to study the science of Nutrition. It has been a very eye opening and mind expanding journey. Nutrition Science is not only about ‘calories in versus calories out’, it’s not only about what we eat: it’s about how we eat and why we eat. Sometimes it’s about who we eat with and why.

You don’t need prepackaged meals and you don’t someone telling you to eat less and move more. If it was that simple than you would have done it already, right?

I was not broken and neither are you. Through my experience and background as a Nutrition Educator and Counselor, as a Certified Nutritionist I can enable you and empower you to help yourself. I have helped hundreds of people, through education and counseling and coaching. Through personalized Nutrition guidance -Not some ‘plan’ off of the internet or in the latest bestseller celebrity promoted diet book.

I can help you learn how to help yourself. Yes, it is my goal to work with you so that eventually you can help yourself and you don’t need me anymore.

Yes, I want to work with you so that you don’t need me anymore. I want to empower you, to enable you to make decisions about the food that goes into your body, without having to consult a diet book or an internet list. You don’t have to worry about which “cheese you eat on Tuesday” and how many olives you can eat on a Friday”. You won’t have to weigh your food or count calories, or ‘macros’ or ‘micros’ or any other “-cros”.

Work with me and I can give you the skills that will last you a lifetime so that you will never have to worry about your weight again. Never.

By the way, I will never try to sell you food, or supplements, or any other products. Never.

Education + Action = Results

I can give you the Education, Together we take Action, and you will get Results!


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